Crede Capital Group’s 69% owned Catasys, Inc.’s market value soared to over $100 million on a Seeking Alpha Report. Terren Peizer, Chairman of Crede Capital, his personal investment vehicle, and Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Catasys, Inc., commented, “This coming year we should begin to demonstrate that we are in the process of significantly changing the Behavioral Health Industry; as the recent widely reported tragic deaths of Seymour Hoffman and Robin Williams point out the incredible need to do so. With every mass school killing; with every movie theater mass killing, the conversation has been gradually shifting from NRA issues to the broken Behavioral Healthcare System.  We are certainly the pioneer and leader in this effort. We were the first to identify the
problem , quantify the problem, provide a solution, and incentivise Health Insurance companies to pay for 100% of the treatment costs that patients need to improve both behavioral and physical medical health. Heretofore, healthcare insurance companies covered minimal behavioral health claims and costs, unlike the coverage for other diseases like oncological and cardiovascular diseases. Over the next three years, we expect to cover over 100 million lives and emerge as the defacto standard for Behavioral Health treatment and care. ”

Catasys’ Unique Delivery Of Cost Savings To Insurers Could Drive Significant Upside Within 12 Months
Catasys (OTCQB:CATS) is an emerging growth…

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