HI, I’m Terren Peizer

I was born and raised in Beachwood Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, where family and friends were the most important things in life. I’ve been called a “financial prodigy” by the LA Times, and one of “Wall Street’s top players”by the investment community, but I still live in the same one bedroom condo in LA that I bought in 1985. I never want to forget where I came from, or lose my Midwestern sense of what matters. My childhood two best friends from Cleveland remain such to this day.

I spend a great deal of my waking hours working (yes, that’s me on the phone at a Lakers Game). I’m the founder of Acuitas Group Holdings (AGH) which is my personal Los Angeles-based investment holding company. Acuitas Capital, is AGH’s vehicle to invest in public companies and have provided over $1.4 billion in capital to micro and small cap enterprises. I’m passionate about healthcare and biotechnology, but as you’ll see from my companies I also have a strong interest in bio-degradable plastics, fintech, and “Gig” (ride sharing and “last mile”) companies, which might explain why the New York Times called me the “Zelig of Wall Street.”

Acuitas Group Holdings owns the majority or controlling interest in my portfolio companies:

  • I’m the Founder, Chairman, CEO and majority shareholder of Ontrak Inc. (Nasdaq: OTRK), which is a leading AI and telehealth-enabled, virtualized healthcare treatment company.
  • I’m also the Chairman, CEO and majority shareholder of publicly traded BioVie, Inc. (BIVI), the industry leader in the development of two orphan drug candidates for the treatment of rare liver diseases.
  • Additionally, I’m the Founder, Chairman and CEO of NeurMedix, Inc., a biotechnology company with a focus on inflammatory, neurological and neuro-degenerative diseases.
  • Most recently I became the Chairman and largest shareholder of Verde Inc., the plant-based, compostable, bio-degradable plastics company.
  • I’m also excited to be Chairman and largest shareholder of the hot blockchain company, CasperLabs.
  • Recently I purchased 45% of PDQ Pickup and 20% of RideShare Rental, Inc.

Before Ontrak, BioVie, NeurMedix, Verde, and CasperLabs, I was fortunate to be a senior executive and board member at several other publicly-traded growth companies, including serving as Chairman and the largest beneficial shareholder of Cray Inc, the supercomputer company acquired by Hewlett Packard Enterprise in 2019 in a transaction valued at approximately $1.4 billion.

I’ve held senior executive positions with the investment banking firms Goldman Sachs, First Boston, and Drexel Burnham Lambert where I was a securities trader and arbitrager, but I’m first and foremost an entrepreneur.

I graduated from the Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science in Economics that launched me into the world of venture capital, investing, mergers and acquisitions, and start ups. I was 21 years old when Robert Rubin of Goldman Sachs recruited me to join the firm.